26th-29th October 2023

From 2023 Auto e Moto d’Epoca moves to Bologna


26th-29th October 2023

From 2023 Auto e Moto d’Epoca moves to Bologna


D’EPOCA 2023

The 1st Italian Classic Motorbike Exhibition exclusively in Bologna

15,000 square metres
dedicated to motorbikes of historical interest and their classic spare parts

For the first time in Italy vintage motorbike and classic spare parts fans and collectors will have the chance to get together and share their extraordinary passion at an Exhibition dedicated entirely to two-wheel vehicles, within Auto e Moto d’Epoca 2023 in Bologna.

This year, the Exhibition has extended its line-up with a significant investment, to become the largest and most comprehensive exhibition in Italy: a unique opportunity for exhibitors, fans and curious visitors.

The event will be attended exclusively by clubs, museums, collectors and traders from all over Europe.

And that’s not all! What is set to make the 1st Italian Classic Motorbike Exhibition an unmissable event is the presence of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers, who have made motorcycling history and enriched its culture.

Visitors will have the opportunity to retrace the genesis of the most famous brands, starting with the very first prototypes, through to more recent models, which continue to charm aficionados with their engineering quality.


In the exhibition hall dedicated to the Classic Motorbike Exhibitions, exhibitors, visitors and collectors will get the chance to enjoy and share a thrilling journey through time: an extensive array of motorcycles and spare parts from all eras will be on display, some of which have never been shown to the public before!

The exhibition is a unique opportunity for exhibitors and visitors alike, where they can admire extraordinary models of historical interest at the international level, share their love of classic motorbikes and motorcycling culture with other fans, seek out rare spare parts and peruse an extensive range of motorcycles from various brands, with the possibility of purchasing them too.


The 1st Italian Classic Motorbike Exhibitions will obviously have a section dedicated to classic spare parts: old number plates, owner’s handbooks from last century, tanks, speedometers, seats, bolts, headlights, mudguards… and much more!

Exhibitors and collectors can take their pick in a large space where they’ll be able to get together and share their tips and passion for mechanical engineering.


The 1st Italian Classic Motorbike Exhibition will immediately be a benchmark for clubs too, as they will benefit from the right space to share their great love of two-wheel vehicles with motorcycling experts and fans.

Bologna is set to be flooded by many of the most famous and significant historical motorbike clubs in Italy and abroad, to offer visitors an all-encompassing experience and to enhance the value of this great passion, which has thrilled so many generations and continues to do so.

Thanks to the investment and to the vision of Auto e Moto d’Epoca, the 1st Italian Classic Motorbike Exhibition acts as the spokesperson for motorcycling culture, becoming the most eagerly awaited exhibition for motoring enthusiasts.


Models presented in their first ever preview, significant anniversary celebrations and displays of absolute masterpieces of mechanics and engineering: these are just some of the many features participants can look forward to seeing at the 1st Italian Classic Motorbike Exhibition.

Visitors will be able to admire the finest pieces of global motorcycling history for the first time ever in Italy.

See you in Bologna!


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