21st-24th October 2021


21st-24th October 2021

24 Mar



Friendship and the dream of speed: discover the roots of an Italian legend which is turning 100 this year. Auto e Moto d'Epoca 2021 is ready to celebrate this momentous occasion.

'Moto Guzzi' was founded on 15th March 1921. It is the brainchild of three friends who during the First World War dreamt of a better world once the conflict ended. In this new world, speed and aspirations would become synonymous. "Speed means everything: scientific progress, industry and innovation, the advent of a machine-driven civilisation, new liberties, pleasures and ways of having fun" - this is stated in MOTO GUZZI - ONE HUNDRED YEARS, published by Rizzoli and in print soon.

The three friends were pilots Giovanni Ravelli, Giorgio Parodi and mechanic-engineer Carlo Guzzi, all enlisted in the Italian Royal Navy's Air Service.

Revelli died in 1919 during a trial, but Giovanni - son of an important Genoese ship owner - and Carlo - employed by Isotta Fraschini before the war - want to pay homage to him and chose to do so with the now-iconic wings. From the very beginning, these wings have symbolised the most important Italian motorbikes of the early post-war era.

Both on the road and on the race track, Guzzi motorbikes bring the excitement to enthusiasts, and no event symbolises this better than the North Cape challenge, 6,000 kilometres covered on a Guzzi GT 500. Giuseppe - Carlo's brother - was the one who first accomplished this feat and who, from 1928 onwards, inspired thousands of others to travel to the edges of the Arctic circle on board their motorcycles.

This audacious feat marked the beginning of Guzzi's history and continues to this day.

To find out more, visit and get ready for Auto e Moto 2021 from 21 to 24th October 2021, where many enthusiasts will gather to celebrate this iconic two-wheel legend.