22nd-25th October 2020


22nd-25th October 2020

18 Oct 2019



French brand ALPINE is taking part in the AME fair in Padua for the second year. It's returning with the queen of the Alps, the legendary A110, and it will reveal the brand new Alpine A110 S with almost 300 horsepower.

Alpine was created in the mid-50s thanks to the racing passion of its creator Jean Rédélé, who put all his know-how into devising a brand that could compete on the more difficult rallying tracks of the time.


Italy's contribution to the realisation of the early Alpine models was (and still is) important; it all began with the first 1954 prototype created by Giovanni Michelotti.

The rest, as they say, is history. While the Italians were making racing cars in aluminium, Alpine was making them in fibreglass: they were small and their motors were not particularly powerful, but they were fast and very light.

And this is how Alpine raked in one success after another on the racetrack, over time strengthening its bond with Renault (which ended up purchasing the brand in 1978) and in 1962 creating the A110, the queen of Montecarlo, known as one of the most successful "beast killers" in history, a term which referred to small and light rallying cars which could keep up with the bigger, more powerful models.

The Alpine A110 took centre stage on the extenuating Rally Montecarlo circuit at the time and it also dominates in the re-enactment competitions taking place today. The A110 is by far the most representative model of the brand, so much so that it spearheaded the relaunch of the brand with prototype Alpine Vision in 2016, a precursor to the final version of the latest Alpine A110, revealed in February 2017.

Today, Alpine A110 returns with the Pure and Legend versions. Supported by an aluminium frame which exalts its lightness and dynamicity, and a powerful motor, the new Alpine A110 is back on the scene also thanks to its commercial network which foresees two Alpine Centres in Italy, one in Milan and one in Rome. The brand new Alpine A110 S (almost 300 horsepower) will be exclusively revealed at Auto e Moto d'Epoca.