24th-27th October 2024


24th-27th October 2024

29 Jul 2022

From 2023, Auto e Moto d'Epoca will take place in Bologna


From October 2023, Auto e Moto d'Epoca, the classic vehicle exhibition, has a new home: it's moving from Fiera di Padova to Fiera di Bologna. All parties involved are extremely happy to announce this relocation, which has been officialised today.

Padova Hall, the company that manages Fiera di Padova, has ceded the brand to BolognaFiere and it will reinvest the liquidity in creating a new industrial plan that centres on conferences, vertical events and the presence of permanent business activities open in the trade fair district.

Padova Hall's new goal is to use its exhibition spaces in a more constant way and the new development strategy is one of the reasons why Auto e Moto d'Epoca is moving to Bologna: AME takes up the entire exhibition space, but it does so only for a few days of the year.

At BolognaFiere, AME can continue to expand, count on bigger exhibition spaces and also take advantage of Emilia Romagna's car and motorcycling legacy: this region is the birthplace and cradle of some of the most important car and motorcycle brands in the world, from Ferrari to Maserati, Pagani to Lamborghini, Ducati to Dallara and Tazzari. Lastly, BolognaFiere can glean from the decades of experience it accrued in hosting MotorShow from 1976 to 2017.

Intermeeting srl, the company which has organised Auto e Moto d'Epoca for over 30 years and which will continue to organise it in Bologna in October, thanks Padua and its exhibition for being “the cradle of Auto e Moto d'Epoca and the place where the fair has developed its international reach”.