24th-27th October 2024


24th-27th October 2024

19 Oct 2023

OM 665 “Superba”: the first winner of the Mille Miglia


For rare collectible lovers the Exhibition in Bologna will also include the OM 665 “Superba” up for sale. This is a special model for a variety of reasons, but above all because it won the first edition of the Mille Miglia race in 1927.

The OM 665 “Superba” is a genuine icon of Italian motoring with a story that has something of the extraordinary. 

Produced by OM (Officine Meccaniche), a car make originating in Brescia, it was sold up until the early 1930s; the end of the Superba’s commercial career led to the end of OM’s car production.  

In 1927, this car won the first edition of the legendary Mille Miglia, driven by Giuseppe Morandi and co-piloted by Ferdinando Minoia. This undertaking was crucial for OM and for the prestige of the Mille Miglia race itself. 

The bond between OM and the Mille Miglia race is so strong that these cars continue to enjoy special treatment at the race: registration approval is always guaranteed and if you own an OM, you have the privilege to set off first. The Mille Miglia is the world’s most exclusive classic car race, with an extremely restrictive selection of eligible vehicles. Only models built up to 1957 who took part in the historic edition held between 1927 and 1957 are eligible to participate. The OM 665 "Superba" on sale in Bologna bears witness to Italy’s exceptional automotive heritage.