22nd-25th October 2020


22nd-25th October 2020

10 Sep 2019



20 years ago saw the birth of Zonda, Pagani atelier's flagship road vehicle, which combines renaissance craftsmanship with highly advanced technology, transforming every creation into a "tailor-made garment".

2019 marks a special milestone in the history of Pagani Automobili. 20 years have passed since the 1999 Geneva Fair where the world was introduced to a Zonda (the C12) for the very first time. In some ways, this car is futuristic and revolutionary, with its deep, curved wind shield and forward-facing cockpit, similar to that of a bomber fighter, designed to surprise from the get-go.

The car was immediately seen as an innovation on the car manufacturing landscape of the time, so much so that it led to the invention of an ad hoc word:  the hypercar. Pagani Zonda fast became one of the most celebrated vehicles of the last 20 years, garnering countless awards in its many iterations and setting many speed records on the toughest circuits in the world.

This car marked the beginning of the Modenese atelier's foray into car manufacturing after about 9 years of studying and perfecting.  In all, 140 road vehicles were made from 1999, each one as unique as a tailor-made garment.

What's more, the cockpit of the Zonda had already received 13 patents at the time it was first showcased, and the use of composite materials and such innovative processes turned it into one of the safest cars in the world.

And when you open the rear carbon hood, you find a majestic Mercedes-Benz branded V12 motor: this collaboration with the German manufacturing house is proof of a deep connection which over the last 20 years has led to Mercedes-Benz officially supplying V12 engines planned and designed purposely for Pagani.

Even more importantly, Zonda tells the story of a partnership between a young designer and the great Juan Manuel Fangio, legendary F1 world champion, but also friend and guarantor of Horacio Pagani's dream.

This beautiful story - in other words, Horatio Pagani's brainchild alongside a small group of collaborators, which grew into a team of 177 enthusiasts and craftsmen - will be brought to Auto e Moto d'Epoca 2019 by the San Cesario sul Panario workshop to be shared with all visitors and car enthusiasts at the fair.