21st-24th October 2021


21st-24th October 2021

16 Oct 2020



Cars and enthusiasts come together once again in Via Tommaseo

We are ready for Raduno Italiano (Italian Gathering), an event taking place at Auto e Moto d'Epoca on Saturday 24th October. This initiative is promoted by publications Ruoteclassiche and Youngtimer and is a classic event that brings together readers and enthusiasts. It is organised by the staff of these magazines published by Editoriale Domus on the occasion of Padua Fair.

The title "Raduno Italiano" says it all: it is a meeting dedicated to Italian cars which have made (recent or ancient) history; it is organised in collaboration with ACI and the Club ACI Storico and is open to all Italian cars. During the gathering, there will also be an internal competition and 6 cars will win prizes in 6 different categories:

●      If I had 1,000 Lira a Month - the stars of the 30s and 40s
●      Love in Portofino - Classic love-at-first-sight cars dating back to the 50s
●      Crazy about you - Singing at the top of your lungs while driving cars in the 60s
●      I remember you - The most beautiful cars of the 70s
●      You're the bomb! - Cars from the 80s that drive you crazy
●      El Diablo - the most rock 'n' roll youngtimers of the 90s

This event is taking place in Padua, via Tommaseo, opposite the exhibition area. The event begins at 10 am with the arrival of the cars; at 11.30 am, the jury will perform their walk-by and at 4pm the award ceremony will take place at the ACI stand.

 If you wish to know how to participate, send your application to by attaching:

●      the Participant's NAME and SURNAME
●      MODEL, LICENSE PLATE and YEAR of the vehicle
●      Phone NUMBER

Every participant gets a free parking space at the event, provided they have purchased an entry ticket to the fair (we highly recommend purchasing your ticket online). Cars taking part in the gathering must place their ID ticket on the dashboard. Participants will also receive bracelets; please collect these at the Ruoteclassiche stand in Pavilion 4. The bracelet will allow visitors to enter and exit the exhibition area freely (the actual entry ticket only allows you to enter once for the entire duration of the event). When the jury walk by your car, make sure you are standing next to it - we want to hear its story!  Top tip: make sure your beauties are looking shiny.  See you in Padua!