24th-27th October 2024


24th-27th October 2024


A realm to be discovered

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The spare parts market has always been one of the most popular and prominent sectors of Auto e Moto d’Epoca. In Bologna, there are 2 exhibition halls dedicated entirely to the myriad spare parts exhibitors, who specialise in Italian and foreign models and makes and display original, often extremely rare parts. The product line-up is meticulous and offers buyers guaranteed reliability and competence.

Spare Parts and Automobilia

Old license plates, handbooks from the last century, dashboards, speedometers, coil ignitions, nuts, rims and badges. There is an infinite number of items to discover and buy in this area. And for anyone who doesn’t own a classic car to renovate or keep roadworthy, there are over 600 spare parts suppliers present at Auto e Moto d’Epoca - don’t miss out on the opportunity to see what they have to offer. A market where everyone can find something special to buy.


The classic models for sale at Auto e Moto d’Epoca in Bologna are not toys. They are rare pieces of history or top quality craftsmanship. Or reproductions of varying value of a now distant past or from more recent years. Around the model-making stands, you can meet people of all ages, looking for a piece missing from their beloved collection or models of cars that they have seen their grandparents driving.

Arts & Crafts

A path amid vintage furniture and clothing, sports accessories inspired by the world of cars, art and handmade tailoring.